What day do you surrender to prison?

What day will you begin serving your sentence in the prison that BOP designated for you?

What is your sentence length in months?

Enter the number of months of your sentence. If 12 months + 1 day, enter 12.1

Did you serve any time in jail?

How much time, if any, did you serve in custody before getting to your designated facility?

Leave blank if none.

Are you eligible for FSA?

The first step act is a new law passed on December 18th, 2018.
To see if you are eligible for FSA, please check this Read More about FSA

Will you participate in RDAP?

If you qualify for RDAP, and you successfully complete the program, you will receive a credit that will reduce your sentence length. That credit will depend on the judge's sentence length.

A sentence between 24 months and 30 months will receive a credit of six months.
A sentence between 31 and 36 months will receive a credit of nine months.
A sentence of 37 months or longer will receive a credit of 12 months.

If a person received a sentence of less than 24 months, the prison will not authorize the person to participate in RDAP.

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